Lines On Forehead – The Line Of Mysticism

Lines On Forehead – The Line Of Mysticism

We all know that our palms have lines that the astrologers read in order to understand our future. However, there are some lines on our forehead that too can be used for the same purpose. Forehead Lines: How Many? Very few of us actually know about these intricate lines. There are seven such lines on […]

Prediction For Future

Prediction is the art of seeing something even before it happens. For years we have heard that there are people who can see the future. For example Nostradamus he had seen what will happen on earth thousands of years before the even actually happened. However, we all are interested in knowing what will happen in […]

Lines On Forehead – The Line Of Wisdom

Have you ever looked at your forehead? I am sure you must have and you have also noticed the lines on your forehead. There are seven lines on our forehead. However, for some few are more prominent than the others. The prominent ones might be three to four in number.  You will be surprised to […]

Further Information On Mount Of Sun – Part II

You learnt about the basics in the previous article titled Mount of Sun – An Introduction. We continue further with more details in this article. Too many lines on the mount means that the person will have a lot of interconnected things happening in life and nothing will succeed ultimately. This is definitely not a […]