Numerology in Relations

It is believed that numerology not only affects our life but our relationships also. It plays an important role in our friendship, love and even  marriage. Using numerology to understand relations better is as old as astrology. The ideas of using numerology to check the compatibility of partners in long term relationship increases the chances […]

Numerology and Personality Traits

Destiny or Expression number and life path number shows one’s overall path in life and where one belongs in this world. Life path number tells more about one’s goal in life and destiny number reveals more about one’s personality traits. After calculating the expression number, one can find out about one’s or anyone’s traits, which […]

Life Path Periods

Life path periods is in addition to life path numbers. Life path number or birth number remains the same in the  numerological life path chart.  Information about life path period can be used to refine our knowledge about the life path. There are three life path periods everyone experiences in their life span. Calculating Life […]

Earth Hand

Earth Hand

People who have Earth Hands, they have a square shaped palm which is usually accompanied by short digits. It is also known as the “Square Hand”. The lines which are marked on the palm are usually few in number, and they normally arches at the finger tips. As the name Earth Hands, it represents the […]