Should Holy Pictures Be Displayed In Bedrooms?

Should Holy Pictures Be Displayed In Bedrooms?

People often ask have this question that should holy photos be in bedroom? There are many theories that have been presented in this regard. We will try to discuss some aspects of why or why not holy photos should be kept in the bedrooms. From holy photos we mean the photos of places that have religious significance or photos of Gods and Saints. These photos are powerful and they must not be insulted knowingly or unknowingly. One must be careful about keeping these photos in the bedroom and ensure that the below mentioned points are followed religiously. Sometimes even the photographs of ancestors can be considered as holy photos too.

The Pooja Room

Traditionally the Indian houses would always have a separate puja room. In this room all the holy images and the idols of Gods were placed. The Indian vastu clearly states that every house should have a puja room. This room should be separate so that no one can disturb you when you are deep in puja. With time the houses started to become small. Today most of the houses do not have a puja room. This is usually why a corner in the living room or bedroom has been selected as puja room. Which is common practice now and nothing much can be done about it.

We have explained in one of our previous articles well that bedroom is not a place where you should keep the idol of the Gods. It should not be used for puja. Well as far as the holy photos are concerned the concept is a little different. If you have a person who is very old or is suffering from some disease you can place a holy photo near to the bed of this person. If you hang the photo on the wall in such a way that the person can see the photo the results will be even better. When the person is given a bath or there is a nature call the holy photo must be either removed to some other room or covered till the activity is completed. This can be inconvenient to follow for some.

Holy photos should not be kept in the bedroom if:

  1. Sexual activity takes place in the room regularly. This will cause negative vibes.
  2. If the bedroom is used for eating or for changing clothes then again the holy photos must not be kept in there.
  3. You should never no matter what drink alcohol in the presence of the holy photos. Doing so will only reduce the power of these pictures. This will also make the vibes of the house very negative.
  4. No negative words should be spoken in front of these holy photos. Many couples use the bedroom for household fights. This must also be avoided if you keep a holy photo in the bedroom.
  5. If you have placed a holy photo in the bedroom of the kids to ensure that the room becomes more peaceful and the kids can concentrate in their studies better. You must tell the kids that they should be careful about the holy photo and ensure that the frame does not break at any cost. This is because kids often play in their rooms and they may land up damaging the photograph.

If you keep a holy photo in the bedroom you must ensure that the following things are taken care of:

  1. The photo must be dusted regularly.
  2. The photo must be worshipped regularly. Maybe you can take an agarbatti and do aarti of the photo every evening. You can also apply haldi, kumkum or sandal wood paste on these holy photos from time to time to ensure that the power of these photos remains strong.
  3. You must ensure that the feet of the people sleeping in the room are never towards the holy photo that you have kept in the room. It will not be a great thing if your feet occasionally touch the images while sleeping.
  4. If the holy photo is kept on a table and can be touched. You must make sure that your hands are clean before you touch this photo. You must also ensure that food items are not taken close to these holy photos.
  5. No fire should be brought near the holy photos. If the photo catches fire then the results can be highly negative.
  6. When you place a holy photo in the bedroom you must ensure that the room is never left very dark. One dim light must be on so that the holy photo is never left in complete darkness.
  7. Instruct all the family members to follow these rules so that nothing goes wrong.

    Holy Images in Bedroom

    Holy Images in Bedroom

It is true that bedroom is not the ideal place where you must place a holy photo. This is mainly because bedrooms will witness activities that are not very positive all the time. Nevertheless, there may be situations when you may need to place a holy photo in the bedroom for the benefit of some family members. If you do so just keep these points in mind as if these are not followed the results can be more negative than being positive. Holy photos can be placed in the living room easily but again the points that we have mentioned must be followed. If these points are not followed you may notice the following:

  1. One or the other member of the family is always suffering from some health issues.
  2. There are fights and misunderstandings among the members of the family.
  3. There can be some more such small or big problems that you will be facing.

These are some of the points that you must keep in mind with regards to the question that should holy photos be in bedroom? We hope that this article will help you to decide for yourself if you should be doing this or not. If you need to do then just try to follow the key points that we have discussed. This will ensure that there is no negative effect on you and your family for doing so.

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