Prayers & Tips For Protection From Ghosts

Prayers & Tips For Protection From Ghosts

Disclaimer: we do not support the ghost theory but this article is based on commonly held notions and beliefs

Ghosts exist or not have been a debatable topic for ages. However, we must say that there have been a lot of incidents in the past that prove the presence of ghosts. There are many who have encountered them. This makes us belive that perhaps ghosts to exist. We will now discuss how ghosts often attack normal people and how we can protect us from them. With ghosts the best remedy definitely is that we should try to prevent them from entering our lives.

Protection From Ghosts

Protection From Ghosts

Prevention is better than cure

The fist protection that you can take from ghosts is that avoid them. Don’t try to go to places that are supposed to be haunted. The ghosts can easily make you a pray if you enter their abode. Always try to ensure that when you are in a place that might be haunted try to be strong. The ghosts cannot enter the body of a person who is mentally tough.

The Iron Protection

Well there may be times when you enter a place that is haunted unknowingly. For such cases always try to wear an item of iron on your body. It might be a pendent or it also might be a bangle. You can wear it all the time. You can also get bangles and pendants made of Panchh Dhatu (five metals) these two have a good capacity to keep evil forces away.

House Protection

If you want to protect the house from evil forces then you can do some small things. If you are constructing a new house then ensure that a proper puja is done before the construction begins. You can also burry a metal into the ground before the construction work begins. These will ensure that the evil forces if any are removed from the site.

If you are moving into a house that already exists then there are some small things that you can do to ensure that the house is safe. Before you enter the house find a good muhurath to do the puja. Do call a pundit and ensure that the puja is done well. Ensure that the pundit sprinkles Ganga jal to all parts of the house. If this is done then the aura of the house will be improved and If there are any ghosts in the house they will be done away with.

Vaastu angle

The vastu of the house is also very important. Ensure that you consult a vastu expert to arrange the vastu of the house in order. If there is a dark corner in the house for example a store room ensure that even this part is blessed. You should light a small candle or a diya even in the darkest corners of the house for seven nights after you move into a new house. If you are a Christian then do get the house blessed by a priest.

The Prayer Room

Every house must have a puja room or a prayer room. There you should pray daily to keep the energy of the house positive. Keep some idols of gods here and ensure that you light a lamp or an agarbatti on daily basis. The best gods that you can keep for the ghosts to go away are a picture of lord Shiva. You can also keep a picture of Hanuman.

The Hindus believe, that Lord Hanuman has the ability to fight ghosts. If possible you can also chant Hanuman Chalisa on regular basis. Hanuman Chalisa is the book of Lord Hanuman. If the shlokas in the Hanuman Chalisa are recited in the house then no ghosts will be able to harm you or enter your house. If you are in a place where there are ghosts then reciting the mantras of Hanuman Chalisa can always protect you. Maha Mrityunjay is also a mantra that you can learn. Reciting this mantra can keep ghosts away from people.

Holy Books

You can also keep a religious book with you all the time. This book will always protect you. You can keep a Bhagwad Gita, a bible or even Hanuman Chalisa in the house. You can keep it in your bag. Keeping these in your house and with you will keep the ghosts away. There are some religious beliefs where you can get a taveez or maduli done.  These are special ornaments that need to be worn with a black or red thread. They must be worn around your neck or arms. These are blessed by the religious pundits and babas. These have the ability to ensure that no ghosts come even in the vicinity of the person wearing it.

These few tips can help you to ensure that you are away from evil spirits and ghosts. We would tell everyone that as there is God there are evil spirits too. There are ghosts who can very powerful and they can really harm you. So please follow the protection tips given in this article.

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