How to get rid of ghosts?

Ghosts are a concept that has been haunting people all across the world for years. Let us try to understand what ghosts actually are and how can we get rid of them. Ghost is like an energy field. Once a person is dead the soul must rest. Soul is the integral part of human body that never dies because it does not have a physical form.

Anything that is not in physical form cannot be destroyed. The soul changes the body and form and in born again and again. If due to some reasons the soul could not get peace it can become a ghost.

In the middle

The ghost is trapped between earth and heaven. They do not have anywhere to go. When a person dies it is a ritual all over the world that the last rites must be performed well so that the person can rest in peace. If the soul is in a state of unrest it can become a ghost that will keep coming back to haunt people. What a ghost wants is not clear.

The ghost is definitely trying to communicate with the living beings. It is not necessary that all ghosts aim at scaring people. The messages that the ghosts send and the way they send may vary too. Another important point is that ghosts may not contact all people. There are some people who are sensitive enough and they are contacted by the spirits.

Different kinds

Ghosts can be of different form. As per the nature and form of the ghosts remedies are thought of that can deal with the unwanted spirits. Sometime a ghost can possess a person and sometime a ghost can intend to harm the people. A ghost can also act like a protector and help people.

For example there is this tunnel in the North of India that is called the Khooni nala (the tunnel of death). When this tunnel was under construction there was a point where the tunnel took a diversion. In this diversion there was a point that could take you down the valley if you reached there by mistake. A board was placed there to ensure that no one takes that turn till the construction is completed. This tunnel was used by Indian army extensively.

One day a soldier was driving his jeep he somehow could not see the board and his jeep fell into the valley. He lost his life. A few months after this incident many people started to talk about something that happens inside the tunnel at night. Many people who were driving inside the tunnel late in the night said they saw the soldier standing at the same spot where he met with the accident.

The soldier would guide the drivers to the right direction in the tunnel and ensure that no one takes the wrong turn. That point in the tunnel was sealed later but still many people report that they have seen the young soldier. When many people started to report the same incident a big puja was done. For the soul of the soldier to rest and after that such incident were not reported anymore.  This is a clear proof that some ghosts can also be helpful.

Rest in peace

No matter what it is important that a ghost must be put to rest. The soul must get peace something that it deserves. If a ghost is not dealt with properly it can only be a bigger concern in the future. All the means that we know of must be used to ensure that the ghost is done away with.

Each religion and each culture have different ways to deal with a ghost. The first point is that you should know that a ghost exists. Unless there is a proof that there is something wrong there is no need to try these remedies. How do you know that a place is haunted or that there is a ghost that you must deal with?

Sometimes you will be able to see an apparition and sometimes you will feel that there is something wrong. A foul smell coming from nowhere is a good indication that something is wrong. Animals are very strong at detecting the paranormal. If you pet refuses to enter a certain room or place in the house or near the house then it definitely means that something might be wrong with that place.

Sometimes you will feel that temperature is very low at some part of the house even if there is no reason for the temperature to be so low there. This can also be a strong indication that there is something wrong.

Some people who are approached by the spirits will complain that they feel very depressed even if there is no need to feel like that. They feel like crying all the time and do not feel like doing anything. Getting a strange sound from some part of the house and not able to understand what exactly it is. When the members of your family especially the children complain of some illness and are not keeping well for a long time in spite of all the medication there is definitely something to be worried about.

A ghost may try to harm you or your family member. Never wait till it is very late. As soon as you even have a slightest feel that something is wrong you must try to get in touch with someone who can help you. Now that you know that something is wrong and there must be a ghost that you are dealing with the second step will be to call an expert.

There are many paranormal investigators who can be found all across the world. If you search on the internet you will get a few even in your city. You can call them to come and check the house you are living in or the place you doubt is haunted. These paranormal investigators will usually come with a team and they will use devices to check all the corners of your house.

They will try to catch the spots where the temperatures fluctuate a lot. They also have devices to capture sounds that are not audible to the human ears. They also use sophisticated cameras that can catch images of ghosts. Images will be captured like a shadow appearing and disappearing. After a while they will come back and take all these devices to study what was captured by them.

If they feel that the devices have captured something significant they will tell you that your fears are true and the house or the place needs some kind of rituals to get rid of the spirits.

Western world

In western countries the church will have to be convinced about the presence of a ghost so that they can bless the house with holy water and ensure that no evil spirits can enter the house. In India there are priests who know spells to control the ghosts and ensure that the soul is made to rest. What you must do is once the paranormal team has confirmed that the house is haunted or that there is a ghost that you have to get rid of you must knock the door of a church or a temple.

So that the priests can come and bless the house or do some puja to ensure that the ghost cannot harm anyone. Sometimes this might work but there are instances where these were not enough. Sometimes these religious practices can also aggravate the situation. If that is what happens then an exorcism has to be performed. There can be exorcism of the house that you are living in too.

Exorcism is a western concept in this a detailed and along procedure is followed by a team of priests and paranormal investigators together.  The aim of this activity is to contact the ghost or the spirits and try to communicate with them. The ghost communicates with those present in the room and they make someone the medium.

The team of experts will try to explain the ghost that it is time for the soul to rest in peace. The ghosts would mostly not want to rest in peace. However, the ghost will finally have to accept what the people are telling him and would leave the house.


A concept similar to exorcism is practiced in Hinduism too. There are different names for the same ritual and it can be found across cultures. Different methods are used but the aim of it is the same. These have been practiced for years. If a human being is possessed then an exorcism has to be performed on the person who is possessed and is suffering. The ghost is contacted and the medium is the victim himself.

Many Hanuman temples and temples of Shani god in India is used to deal with such cases. Once the ghost is made to rest the problems that the people were facing because of the ghost also disappears. In Hinduism it is said that when a ghost leaves he or she is told to give an indication that they have left. Most of the times the branch of a tree is broken by the departing ghost as a sign that the ghost left for good.

These are some methods that are usually used to deal with ghosts across the world. The concepts are more or less the same just that the methods used are different.

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