Nadi Vidya – A Branch of Astrology

Nadi Vidya – A Branch of Astrology

What is Nadi Astrology?

Nadi astrology or nadi reading is an ancient art to predict future of an individual.  How Nadi ‘vidya’ The origin of nadi shastra is not known for sure but it is believed to have been composed by seven well known sages of ancient India – Agastya, Kaushika, Vyasa, Bohar,

Nadi Astrology Reading

Nadi Astrology Reading

Bhrigu, Vasishtha and Valmiki around 4000 years ago. The entire literature associated with this branch of astrology is in sanskrit language, the predominant language of India at time.  The entire literature is  documented in seventeen chapters in general:

Chapter 1: Chapter I is in the form of a general report about an individual as per his/her thumb impression. The report identifies  twelve main areas of his/her life. This forms the base for the rest of the predictions and after going through this an individual is ready to go through the other chapters.

Chapter 2: This chapter on nadi reading gives information about material wealth and education an individual will achieve. It reveals the kind of skills, art, education and wealth he/she will accumulate during the various phases of his/her life time.

Chapter 3: this chapter of nadi astrology reveals information about siblings, partners, workers and sub-ordinates. This chapter also provides information about the advantages and disadvantages an individual will have from them.

Chapter 4: This chapter speaks about an individual’s mother’s health and the fortune he will get from unknown sources like gambling etc., the kind of moveable and immovable property he will acquire during his life time.

Chapter 5: This chapter covers topics like child birth, delay in child birth and reason for delay in child birth, benefits from children and even about the death of a child.

Chapter 6: it reveals information about hidden enemies and the possible danger caused by them. It also covers information on how to overcome them and even about any problems related to legal issues, debt etc.

Chapter 7: Chapter 7 discusses issues like marriage and married life of an individual, delay in marriage, remedies for it and even settlement of the right time for marriage.

Chapter 8: Chapter 8 reveals information about the length of life span and the time of death, nature of death, health problems and even reason of death of death of an individual. This chapter goes to the extent of describing even the last  scene of death.

Chapter 9: Chapter 9 speaks about the health and life span of  father, property and wealth an individual will acquire through his father, good luck, his relationship  with God and pilgrimages  an individual will undertake in his life time.

Chapter 10: This chapter reveals information about the kind of business an individual will do and his or her status in society as per the nadi reading.

Chapter 11: This chapter reveals about the maximum profits an individual can make during his/her lifetime. It speaks about re-marriage, second marriage, extra marital affairs and advantages and disadvantages an individual can get from them.

Chapter 12: This chapter covers information on an individual’s foreign connections and travel, unnecessary expenditures, loss in businesses and the time of next birth.

Chapter 13: Chapter 13 reveals information about the last birth of an individual, his/her good and bad deeds and how it is affecting the present and what can be done to reduce the ill effect of the bad karmic impressions of last birth.

Chapter 14: Chapter 14 talks about all the mystic powers that an individual can resort to protect his family from all negative trends.

Chapter 15: This chapter talks about the planets affecting an individual at the time of listening to all this information.

Chapter 16: This chapter talks about the chronic diseases which cannot be diagnosed by doctors and the diet restrictions etc that need to be adopted as per the sages.

Chapter 17: Chapter 17 reveals about the ultimate goal of individual’s life, how many birth’s he/she has taken and how many he/she has to take to achieve salvation- the ultimate goal.

Nadi astrology, this remarkable system of predicting future, has been used for many centuries to give guidance. It is still very popular and in use in India especially in South India.

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