All About Taurus Woman – Apr 20 to May 20

All About Taurus Woman – Apr 20 to May 20

The women born in May come under the sign of Taurus. If you want to impress a Taurus woman this article on “All about Taurus woman” will prove to be immensely beneficial. She is ruled by the planet Venus. These tips will help you to make the right impression on this woman and also ensure that you get her attention.

What She Wants?

The Taurus woman wants her man to be someone she can trust completely. If you really want to impress the Taurus woman then ensure that you be patient. You must be around her and try to be a good friend. The Taurus woman does not like to flirt and they will like to get into a relationship that has a good future. If you just want to have a good time then the Taurus woman is not what you must look for. They are also not the one night stand types. The slower you are while progressing with the lady bull the higher will be your chances in impressing her.

It is fine if the Taurus woman says that you are a good friend. With the Taurus woman a good friend has a strong chance of winning her heart and even getting married to her. The Taurus woman like men they are comfortable with. If you are a good friend and if you can make her comfortable she will be more than happy to date you. With the Taurus woman you have to enter the friend zone before you move to the next zone.

Although you are a friend of the Taurus woman you can start to court her slowly and gradually. You can take flowers for her as a sign of affection and care. The Taurus woman will like this gesture and find you sweet and caring. Be a gentleman always. This is something the Taurus woman looks for and admires in the men. If you try to flirt with her or do anything that is beyond her comfort zone you will have a tough time to face.

Be Slow

Even after she admits that she likes you and wants to know you better try to be very slow in your approach. Write her letters and to say goodbye just kiss her cheeks and wave. When the Taurus woman feels that she needs more from you. Your chances of winning her over increases. She must be wondering if you actually like her or you are just care for her. You may feel at times that you have read some olden days romantic movie plot when you are with the Taurus woman but that is how exactly the story progresses with the Taurus woman.

The Taurus woman like gifts so you can pick up things for her now and then. When you make her feel cared for she will feel really happy from within. She may say it was not required but actually she loved it. The Taurus woman likes men who are serious and mature. These are the men they can trust and look at a future. When you are with the Taurus woman tell her about your plans and what you want to do in life. They like men who have a clear idea of life and who have the potential to be successful. The Taurus woman will seldom fall for a man who has no vision and goal in life. So please keep this extremely vital point in mind.


The Taurus woman like all other women likes to be complimented and flattered. So when you are when you are with the Taurus woman compliment her and see how happy she feels. However, remember that the compliments are genuine and you seriously mean them. The Taurus woman is smart and she can see through compliments. Tell her how special she is to you and how good you feel when you are with her. Tell her how she makes you complete and inspires you to do better. The Taurus woman like men who can ensure her of a long lasting and serious relationship. If she feels that you are serious about her and secure with you then half of the job is done for you. The Taurus woman looks for a man who can make them emotionally and financially secure.  They also like men who are brave and can stand by them in times of trouble.


When you are dating the Taurus woman see to it that you are on time. She likes men who are on time and to do what they say. If you are with the Taurus woman you must ensure that you keep your words. If you do not she might start thinking otherwise. The Taurus woman is loyal and keeps her words this is exactly why she likes men who do the same. Men who take things lightly and do not stick to their commitments is a big no for the Taurus woman.

Taurus Woman

Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman likes creativity and she will be creative. When you are dating her take her to places that are of her interest. This can be a museum, a gallery or even a movie. If you have the same interest as she then this is the best you can do. Talk to her about your expertise and see how she feels interested and wants to know more about you.

The Taurus woman like good food so you can also look at a fine dining option to impress the Taurus woman. If you can cook a dinner it will really impress the Taurus woman as she likes men who love to cook. She does not like to experiment with food so you can keep it simple and yet impress her. Being a sign that is ruled by Venus she will like this that appeals to her senses. To ensure this get some candle lights and fresh flowers in your house when the Taurus woman is going to be your guest.

Expensive Tastes

Some men feel that Taurus woman have expensive taste. Well they do but that does not mean you have to burn a hole in your wallet. Just ensure that if you are buying her flowers then it has to be the best in quality. Similarly if it’s a dress or a bag it should be of high quality. It is the quality that matters with the Taurus woman rather than the quantity. This can be a vital clue as you are dating the Taurus woman.

The Taurus woman may seem a little materialistic which is true. They like men who have a car, a house, a secure future and a bank balance. Perhaps sometimes these may be more important than love and common interests. Whatever you may think the Taurus woman is a practical and she is not ruled by her heart. This is the way she is and this is how she will always be.  Well if you think that this is good enough and you do not need to worry about the other points that we have discussed so far then you are wrong. When it comes to impressing the Taurus woman you must keep all these points in mind else you will not be able to reach the heart of this woman.

Devoted n Faithful

The Taurus woman is devoted and faithful in relationships. If she feels that you are the one for her she will never cheat on you. She will take care of the house and the kids. She will have the good qualities of a life partner. The Taurus woman work and they make their own money. So be faithful to her and don’t play with her emotions. This is the only way you can make your relationship with the Taurus woman last forever.

Some men feel that the Taurus women are traditional as they do not jump into relationships. Well maybe in the matter of relationship they are traditional but when it comes to other aspects of life they are not. They can be quite adventurous and fun. All that you need to do is give it time and be a little patient.

We hope that the tips and points that we have discussed on all about Taurus woman will help you to win the heart of this amazing lady. Have a great Valentine’s Day 2014 with the woman you always wanted to be with.

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