All About Aquarius Woman Jan 20 – Feb 18

All About Aquarius Woman Jan 20 – Feb 18

The water bearer is the sign of the Aquarius. We will try to discuss some important tips that you may need to remember as you are planning to impress the Aquarius woman. We hope that you will find this article on all about Aquarius woman interesting and informative. Considered to be one of the most intelligent signs in the zodiac the Aquarius woman are very interesting. She is a little confused by nature but she is confident and knows what she wants in life. Strange right but that is how the Aquarius woman is.

  • The Aquarius woman do not like the magical romantic dates and love that you see in movies and read in books. To impress the Aquarius woman you have to think of a date that is out of the box. Think of some activity like scuba diving, trekking, some adventure must be a part of the date. You can try the romantic date too but ensure that you mix all the ideas else the Aquarius woman may get bored of you and move on. She likes to be challenged and do new things. This does not mean that she is not a romantic person. Just that romance is not everything in her life.

    Aquarius Woman

    Aquarius Woman


  • The Aquarius woman will like to be complimented so keep complimenting her. The Aquarius woman will generally have a weird taste and she will not have the best sense of dressing. However, the Aquarius women are charming and some of them are naturally beautiful. They have a noble face that makes them look very innocent. If you tell them that they are not dressed well enough they will care a damn that is how their attitude is when it comes to dressing up. You can even be frank with the Aquarius woman she will like it.


  • The Aquarius woman like things that are unusual. If you can take her to someplace or for some activity that is not what people do usually she will get excited. Take her to a restaurant that serves unusual dishes. Take her on a holiday to a haunted castle. You will be loved and her interest in you will only start to increase. Just mention these and see how the Aquarius woman reacts. This will give you a god idea of how much she likes doing things that are beyond ordinary.


  • The Aquarius woman is independent and will always work on her career. She hates men who will tie her up to the boring household work. You must ensure that you assure her that you will respect her freedom and let her do what she wants to do with her life. This is very crucial if you want to impress the Aquarius woman.


  • The Aquarius woman does not like men who are too fast in relationships and want to get close. You have to be patient and give her all the time she needs to be comfortable with you. A hasty move can end your relationship even before it starts. So be careful.


  • The Aquarius woman is not very fond of men who are clinging types and who always look for attention. So give her the space and assure her that you are not the clinging type. Let her be free and enjoy her company and be free of all anxiety as you are with her.


  • The Aquarius woman is known for her erratic behaviour. This maybe a difficult aspect of her nature to take especially if you are a person who cannot handle erratic changes in behaviour.  One day she will say something and the next day she will the bang opposite and you will be surprised to see that she may actually land up doing something very different. They are a little confused by nature this is exactly why there is hardly any similarity between what they say, think and actually do. That is a typical Aquarius woman for you. If you are dating one then please be prepared for this habit else you will be under a rude shock. Take this as naturally and behave that you feel what is doing is normal.


  • The Aquarius woman will have a lot of friends as they like to socialise. Some of the friends might be a little strange too. You must ensure that you get along with her friends. This is the first step in order to impress the Aquarius woman. She will have a lot of guy friends. She may refer to you as a friend too. Friend is something that is common to the Aquarius woman and she likes to be friends with all. You may tend to get jealous to see so many guy friends of hers. However, keep the feeling of jealousy to yourself and do not share it with the free minded Aquarius woman. She may feel that you are a possessive guy and start thinking otherwise about you.


  • The Aquarius woman like gifts but again the gifts have to be unusual too. Think out of the box. Get her a pet, an antique jewellery, etc. You can get her the usual and contemporary gifts too but keep including some unusual gifts in this too. The Aquarius woman likes to be pampered and so this can be a good way to show that you care.


  • The Aquarius woman likes challenges that are mental. You can tell her to crack a puzzle or you may just tell her to solve a maths problem. The Aquarius woman is intelligent and she will like these challenges. She likes men who are smarter than her and can meet her intelligence.


  • The Aquarius woman is the most stubborn woman in the zodiac. She will not change her opinion easily. You may be asked for suggestions. Just give the suggestion and leave do not expect her to accept what you say and also do not overreact if her decision went wrong. Be supportive to the Aquarius woman she will appreciate and remember that. Although she may want you to take all her decisions and follow them. In case you make a mistake she can be quite rude and say that you should have done as she had advised. We must mention one thing here the Aquarius woman is intelligent and you will not lose if you follow the suggestions given by the Aquarius woman.


  • The Aquarius woman is one woman in the zodiac cycle who considers men and women to be the same. You must never ever mention to her that you cannot do this as you are a woman. This will be the worst mistake that you can ever do. Always tell her that you too feel that men and women are the same and they must be given equal status in all the walks of life. She will be impressed by the way you think and feel. This will make your chances of winning the Aquarius heart stronger.


  • The Aquarius woman does not like the idea that women should stay at home and cook. Never tell her that you expect her to be a housewife. She will hate you for this and may even leave you forever. Tell her that how good you are with the household work and how you can help her to balance work and home. If you can assure her these she will start looking at you as a strong match for her.


  • The Aquarius woman is ambitious. Her career is her baby that she has worked on very hard. You have to help her follow her dreams and support her. If you by any chance become a barrier between her and her dreams then she will always leave you for the dream. This is how the Aquarius woman is and will always be.


  • The Aquarius woman is compatible with the Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries men. However, if you are none of these signs then it does not matter. Just follow the tips that we have given and you will surely make a good impression on the Aquarius woman.

We hope that you liked this article on all about Aquarius woman. Please try to follow these tips as you are dating the Aquarius woman. These are the simple points that can help you to win the heart of the Aquarius woman. All the best and have an amazing time this Valentine’s Day.

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